As a global firm, INpower is advancing both the legacy and sustainable economies connecting mission-driven companies.

At INpower we are an innovative insurance broker expanding the risk path for business significance seeking multiple bottom line interests, taking the new economy from the margins to the new mainstream, seeing the financial world generate good as it generates returns.

Impact Capital & Social Innovation

Today this new sustainable path, conducting business for profit and impact, represents the largest investment opportunity of our era.

Enduring value is being created through strategies that leverage the inherent link between natural, social, and risk capital.

Meanwhile, if you are an entrepreneur or investor pursuing both profits and purpose, you will need an insurance partner with a passion for, and deep experience in, the rapidly growing social innovation sector. Relying on our collaborative risk approach, we help our diverse range of social innovation client’s broker catalytic risk partnerships, manage risk, overcome cultural and socioeconomic divides, and prepare for and deliver long-term impact and impressive risk management balance-sheet returns.

By identifying and evaluating the potential risk challenges in your M&A transaction, INpower helps ensure speed of execution and accuracy in risk assessment — so you can submit bids with confidence. INpower’s Private Equity and M&A Services risk practice solutions include:

  • Mergers and acquisitions risk and insurance due diligence.
  • Mergers and acquisitions risk and insurance due diligence.
  • Lender due diligence and advisory.
  • Infrastructure project risk management and due diligence.
  • Transactional risk solutions tailored to address issues such as warranties and indemnities, tax opinions, existing litigation, and environmental issues.
  • Fund-level risk solutions such as management and professional liability.
  • Portfolio strategies for purchasing and cost savings.


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